HR Staff Among Most Satisfied Hospital Workers

March 18, 2011 ( – A new study by HR Solutions measuring overall job satisfaction of hospital employees finds human resources staff are in the top five most satisfied.

The five highest-scoring hospital departments, according to study results, are: 

  • Senior Management (CEO, VP, Director) [87% favorable norm]; 
  • Hospice [84%]; 
  • Human Resources [81%]; 
  • Clinical Professional (Physical Therapist, Social Worker, etc.) [78%]; and 
  • Security [77%]. 


A press release said the highest-scoring departments include employees who typically perform administrative functions as well as staff who have direct contact with patients.  Hospital employees within these high-scoring departments consider their organization to be a good place to work and would proudly recommend it to a friend or relative.    

Senior Management, Human Resources, IT, Finance Accounting, and CCU – CSI CU Cardiology were the highest-scoring departments in 2005, the last time HR Solutions performed the study.  

The study found the five lowest-scoring hospital departments are: 

  • Medical-Surgical [67% favorable norm]; 
  • Food & Nutrition [65%]; 
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit [65%]; 
  • Medical-Surgical & Critical Care ED [64%]; and 
  • Critical Intensive Care [62%]. 


According to the press release, most departments that scored the lowest on the Overall Job Satisfaction dimension include employees who work long hours, perform risky procedures, and spend the majority of their workday caring for patients in critical condition.  As a result, such exhaustion, stress and emotional trauma can be factors that negatively affect job satisfaction.    

The study analyzed multi-year data from HR Solutions’ Healthcare Normative Database, which includes survey responses from more than 540,000 employees at over 525 organizations.