Huntington Introduces Three New Asset Allocation Funds

August 3, 2009 ( - Huntington Funds has introduced three new Asset Allocation Funds.

The new funds are the Huntington Conservative Allocation Fund (HCAFX), Huntington Balanced Allocation Fund (HBAFX), and Huntington Growth Allocation Fund (HGRFX). According to a press release, all of the funds are advised by Huntington Asset Advisors, Inc. (HAA), a subsidiary of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated.

Huntington Asset Allocation Funds utilize a tactical asset allocation strategy, allocating specific percentages of each of the underlying funds to the portfolios based on their performance objectives and risk characteristics, the announcement said. Allocations are reviewed regularly and adjusted to take advantage of opportunities Huntington strategists see in the market.

“The fund of funds concept used by the Huntington Asset Allocation Funds helps investors of all sizes diversify their investment portfolios,” said Randy Bateman, president of HAA and chief investment officer of Huntington National Bank, in the press release. “The fund of funds design brings together the collective expertise of nearly all our fund managers.”

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