ICMA-RC Appoints President and CEO

The ICMA-RC's board of directors has chosen Robert P. Schultze as the firm's next president and CEO.

ICMA-RC, a nonprofit independent financial services corporation, has appointed Robert P. Schultze as president and chief executive officer. 

Effective February 17, 2015, Schultze will take over the leadership position currently held by Joan McCallen, who will retire after 18 years of service. Schultze will lead the organization comprised of over 750 associates managing and administering more than $57 billion in assets. ICMA-RC provides retirement plan services for nearly 1.2 million public sector participant accounts and over 9,000 retirement plans.

“Bob Schultze is exceptionally qualified to lead ICMA-RC in achieving its mission of helping public sector employees build retirement security,” says J. Thomas Lundy, chair of ICMA-RC’s board of directors. “Bob has a proven allegiance to the public sector, has demonstrated successful leadership throughout his career, has thorough knowledge of retirement systems, and he is poised to continue ICMA-RC’s innovative thinking on retirement security. We on the board welcome his leadership and service, and look forward to working with him.”

Schultze serves on the Governmental Accounting Standards Advisory Council (GASAC) and the Executive Board of the National Association of Retirement Administrators (NASRA). He has held positions as staff director to the Virginia House of Appropriations Committee; director of the Virginia Education Loan Authority; deputy chief of staff to Virginia Governor L. Doublas Wilder; executive commissioner of the Virginia Department of Taxation; and has been director of the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) since 2005.