ICMA-RC Unveils Advisory Services for State and Local Govt. Plans

April 3, 2007 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - ICMA-RC has released a suite of retirement investment advisory services that will allow state and local government plan participants to select asset allocation guidance, fund advice, or managed account services, depending on their individual retirement planning needs.

According to a press release, Guided Pathways offers participants a customized asset allocation and savings plan. For participants needing additional assistance, additional fund recommendations are available from the investment options listed in the plan.

The suite also offers managed account services for those participants needing more involved investing help.

Morningstar, Inc. subsidiary Ibbotson Associates will provide the independent investment advice underlying the suite of services, which can be accessed by plan participants by telephone, Internet or in person for qualifying participants.

For more information on Guided Pathways visit   http://www.icmarc.org/xp/rc/planning/gp