If it is Wednesday Afternoon, it Must Be Job Search Time

December 3, 2008 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - If employers see workers staring intently at their computer screens around 2 p.m. on Wednesdays, they may well be searching the Internet about jobs.

That was the finding of a new analysis of Google search engine traffic and the nearly 500,000 visits to the Web site by Jobs2Web, a Minneapolis-based Internet job company.

According to a news release, most job-related searches are performed in the middle of the work day (2 p.m. EST was the peak time). Search activity remains strong through the work day and into the evening hours.

Wednesday is the peak traffic day for job-related searches although search activity starts strong on Mondays and is sustained throughout the work week, with a slight drop on Fridays, the company said.

Consistent with the size of the respective state, the top states in which job searches were performed in October 2008 were New York (over 1 million job searches), California, and Texas.

Other top state searches included Georgia, Ohio, and Michigan where job searches on Google increased over 20% during October.

Top job categories that saw dramatic increases in searches during October included clerical jobs with an 83% increase followed by customer service jobs, executive jobs, attorney jobs, and technology jobs, all with 50% increases over an average month’s traffic.

According to Google, the search term “jobs” ranked sixth in the top 10 search terms above cars, games, and porn. On average, more than 151 million searches were conducted on this search term during October (up from 124 million per month average on the major search engine).

More information is available by e-mailing kkanis@jobs2web.com