Illinois Co. Gives Employers a Way to Size Up Applicants for Top Positions

September 5, 2007 ( - RHR International Company has come out with a way for companies to evaluate the leadership potential of executive candidates by seeing how they measure up to other executives.

According to a press release, the RHR Executive Profile uses the five core dimensions of the RHR Leadership Model – problem solving and thinking, emotion and motivation, interpersonal relations and communication style, understanding of self and others, and work and leadership –   to evaluate candidates. The results about a particular individual are then compared to a database of senior leaders to see how the candidate measures up.

The tool is expected to improve RHR consultants ability to weigh candidates for executive positions, integrate new leaders into those roles, identify and develop high potential executives, coach people in key leadership roles and assess and develop effective senior teams.  

The RHR Executive Profile takes about 35 to 40 minutes, and is available in eight languages. The results are reviewed with the RHR consultant to enable clients to make better decisions about who to hire, who to promote, and how to develop and deploy people to support current and future growth needs.

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