ING Announces Enhancements to Enrollment Software

October 1, 2009 ( - ING Employee Benefits has announced enhancements to its proprietary enrollment software, ING Enroll, including a tailored "quick quote" function, additional automated forms, and enhanced reporting and re-enrollment capabilities.

Specifically, according to the announcement, the enhancements include:

  • Quick Quote – For enrollment firms who link to the ING Enroll system, their enrollers now have the ability to give employees a preliminary, customized quote for their premium, based on their payroll frequency. This integrated function allows enrollers to use this feature without leaving the system. For employees, the functionality allows them to make a more educated decision and speeds the process by having a good cost estimate before the enroller begins the application process.
  • Electronic Signatures for State-Specific Forms – Supplemental state forms, such as an evidence of insurability form, can be signed electronically like an application. Having state-specific electronic forms eliminates the need for paper forms that may be necessary with other electronic enrollment solutions.
  • Enhanced Reporting – New ING Enroll reporting allows enrollment case managers to see which employees have and have not met with an enroller. This additional information can help case managers ensure as many employees as possible are seen during a face-to-face enrollment.
  • Re-Enrollment Capabilities – Enrollers now have the ability to reference an applicant’s existing voluntary coverage with ING Employee Benefits. This enhancement allows the enroller to properly handle applications for increases of coverage for “accept/decline” decisions at the point of sale.

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