ING Is Not "Kidding" Around With Finance

October 29, 2002 ( - ING DIRECT has introduced Planet Orange, a program to assist in teaching children personal finance.

Created in conjunction with Lightbulb Press, the new computer program contains:

  • Lessons on budgeting
  • Lessons on compound interest
  • A financial dictionary
  • Fun facts about money
  • A calculator to assist with various financial scenarios
  • Other money management tools and training

ING cites the 2001 Parents, Youth and Money survey conducted by American Savings Education Council revealing 6 out of 10 parents feel schools should provide more financial education to children, even though most schools do not offer personal finance classes as part of the curriculum.   Additionally, high school seniors today understand less about personal finance than they did only five years ago.

Arkadi Kuhlmann, President and CEO of ING DIRECT adds, “The fact that young adults accounted for 7% of personal bankruptcies in 2002 suggests that as parents and teachers we need to do a better job educating our kids when they are young, before they are managing their own finances”.

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