ING Tinkers with Fund Lineup

March 1, 2002 ( - ING US Financial Services has rebranded its Pilgrim and Aetna Funds and its variably annuity sub accounts under the name ING Funds.

ING acquired the Pilgrim and Aetna funds in 2000 in deals with ReliaStar Financial and Aetna Financial.

In its announcement of the name change, the company said investors would have exchange privileges between similar classes of Pilgrim and Aetna funds as of March 4.

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The company said it also plans to merge the existing Pilgrim and Aetna fund Web sites.

In other ING news, the company also announced it was launching a mutual fund with a guarantee of principal – the ING Principal Protection Fund III.

According to ING, the five-year guarantee period will run from June 6, 2002 through June 5, 2007. The fund will have both equity and fixed income components allocated according to a proprietary formula.