ING Unveils Advice Program

September 19, 2002 ( - Participants interested in a financial planning roadmap of all their assets including their retirement plan may want to turn to ING for help.

ING announced that its Financial Horizons’ Advisory Program includes:

  • a Retirement Readiness Checkup
  • a Retirement Readiness Analysis
  • a Retirement Readiness Action Plan.

ING said it would provide advice and choices from a broad range of investment solutions, including non- ING products.

Many investors could use a helping hand, according to results of an ING survey. The poll found that 75% either don’t understand or just haven’t thought about how to withdrawal of their retirement savings and to make the best use of the available financial tools to do that.

ING’s research reveals that most pre- and post-retirees (69% of 50 to 70 year-old Americans) have no plan in place for taking retirement distributions – even though 86% told ING that expect to enjoy a comfortable retirement

According to the survey, 52% of Americans believe professional advice is a necessity. And, of the 48% who have actually sought professional investment advice, most (82%) rate the advice as good or excellent.

ING’ said in the announcement that its Financial Horizons’ services are fee- based, rather than commission-based, even though the Retirement Readiness Checkup is offered free.