International/Global Funds Continue to Lead Asset Growth

February 28, 2006 ( - Stock and bond funds experienced net inflows of $32 billion in January, according to data from the Financial Research Corporation (FRC).

After contributing the largest portion of December’s growth with a $17.5 billion intake (See  Mutual Fund Asset Growth Cools Down for December),International/Global funds again led the way reporting net inflows of $27.8 billion in January.   Corporate Fixed Income funds were a distant second with $5.5 billion in net intake, the FRC data showed.

American Funds topped other complexes with a gain of $8.6 billion, followed by Vanguard Group with a $6.7 billion intake.

American Funds had the top three selling portfolios as well, with the Growth Fund of America, EuroPacific Growth and Cap World Growth & Income funds posting net inflows of $3.5 million, $2 million and $1.8 million, respectively.

Complete FRC data can be found at .