Invesco Adds Consulting Series to PlanForward Program

September 19, 2011 ( - Invesco has introduced a new PlanForward Consulting Series program designed to help financial advisers and retirement plan consultants build a compelling value proposition and enhance their brand recognition.

Invesco’s PlanForward Consulting Series: Developing Your Value Proposition is a program that will approach this process from a customer perspective, gathering insight with the use of a client survey that is easy to deploy and assess. Additionally, Invesco clients will have assistance from sales personnel trained on five years of groundbreaking language research on words that best resonate with investors and participants.  

According to a press release, staples of the program include: 

  • Client Survey:  The PlanForward Consulting Series provides an electronic survey that is easy for financial advisers to send, easy for plan sponsor clients to answer, and simple to convert into meaningful feedback about the clients’ perceptions of the adviser’s value. 
  • Assessment and Messaging: The program includes a step-by-step process for building a value proposition and integrating findings from the client survey. The process walks the adviser through determining their defining attributes as a firm, crafting benefit statements that correspond to those attributes, and adjusting the message depending on the nature of the presentation (Request For Proposal, PowerPoint presentation, etc.). 
  • Delivery Assistance: The PlanForward Consulting Series program will be supported by Invesco’s Retirement Plan Consultants, who will lead clients through the entire process – from survey to value proposition development to effective and efficient presentation of the value proposition. 

In March, Invesco rolled out PlanForward Foundations, a series of three toolkits designed to help financial advisers grow their defined contribution (DC) business with plan sponsors (see Invesco Unveils PlanForward Project).