Invesco to Introduce Fundamental Pure Style ETFs

May 23, 2011 ( - – Invesco PowerShares Capital Management LLC announced plans for a suite of nine Fundamental Pure Style ETFs based on the Research Affiliates Fundamental Index (RAFI) methodology.

On June 16, 2011, Invesco PowerShares will list the PowerShares Fundamental Pure Large Growth Portfolio (PXLG) based on the RAFI Fundamental Large Growth Index, and the PowerShares Fundamental Pure Large Value Portfolio (PXLV) based on the RAFI Fundamental Large Value Index on the NYSE Arca.  

The names and tickers for the full suite of nine PowerShares Fundamental Pure Style ETFs are: 

  • Fundamental Pure Large Value (PXLV), 
  • Fundamental Pure Mid Value (PXMV), 
  • Fundamental Pure Small Value (PXSV), 
  • Fundamental Pure Large Core (PXLC), 
  • Fundamental Pure Mid Core (PXMC), 
  • Fundamental Pure Small Core (PXSC), 
  • Fundamental Pure Large Growth (PXLG), 
  • Fundamental Pure Mid Growth (PXMG), and 
  • Fundamental Pure Small Growth (PXSG). 


In addition, Invesco PowerShares announced it will be changing the indexes, names and ticker symbols for seven existing ETFs in its Intellidex style/size lineup to the RAFI Fundamental US Style Index Series (RAFI Index Series), to provide investors with a complete suite of style box ETFs based on the RAFI Fundamental Index methodology. The rebranded portfolios management fees will be reduced to 0.29% and their operating expenses (excluding certain expenses) will be capped at 0.39% until at least August 31, 2012.  

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