InvestorForce Adds Commingled Funds – For a Fee

March 30, 2001 ( - Online search engine InvestorForce is expanding its database to include access to commingled funds and institutional mutual funds.

The program is expected to be fully operational by mid-April. Plan sponsors cannot invest in separate accounts online, but must contact the money managers separately.

However, access to the program will cost plan sponsors 15% of the money manager’s fee annually, according to the Wall Street Journal.  Plan sponsors don’t pay for account manager searches, but money managers selected via the process pay 5% of the first year’s revenue to InvestorForce.

The new service will reportedly allow plan sponsors to search multiple asset classes and compare managers’ account offerings. Following purchase, the plan sponsor will be able to monitor its performance, asset mix and holdings on the site.

Launched in mid-1999, InvestorForce has reportedly completed 21 searches for account managers, placing $1.8 billion with those managers.