Investors Put $30 Billion in Stock and Balanced Funds in March

April 20, 2005 ( - Initial reports reveal that in March, stock fund investors added nearly $30 billion to stock and balanced funds.

Despite stock market uncertainties, Strategic Insight’s Simfund database shows that while flows subsided in   April, the underlying theme of “stock mutual funds for the long term” was   once again demonstrated as markets sank and investors stayed the course.

In March, the firm estimates the bond fund flows were minimal in aggregate, with inflows into shorter duration and lower volatility US   bond funds and international bond funds being matched by redemptions of corporate high-yield   funds.

“Flows into international equity funds matched those into US equity funds,and such diversification efforts are expected to continue,” commented AviNachmany, Strategic Insight’s Director of Research, in a press release.  “Also reflectingprudent interest in asset allocation, inflows into fund-of-funds exceeded $6billion during March, and reached about $20 billion for the quarter, a paceone-third faster than the dramatic record flows to such funds last year.”

The actual figures for the month’s mutual fund flows will be released Thursday, April 21.

Strategic Insight is a research firm for the mutual fund and wealth management industry.