Investors Turn to International/Global Funds in July

August 29, 2005 ( - Stock and bond funds had net inflows of $16 billion in July, with International/Global funds taking in the most dollars ($7.3 billion), according to Financial Research Corporation's (FRC's) report of July 2005 Estimated Mutual Fund Net Flows.

Moderate Allocation, Intermediate-Term Bond, Mid-Cap Value were the top selling mutual fund categories in July.   Moderate Allocation funds obtained a $3.6 billion inflow in July, while Intermediate-Term Bond, and Mid-Cap Value funds followed with $2.3 billion and $2 billion respectively.   Small growth, Multi-sector bond, and World Stock were the least favorite categories for investors, FRC reported.

American Funds was still the top seller for July, taking in $5.7 billion for the month, again well ahead of Barclays Global Investors Funds’ second place of $3.6 billion.   The Vanguard Group, Pimco Funds, and Fidelity Distributors rounded out the top five with inflows of $2.4 billion each for Vanguard and Pimco, and $1.6 billion for Fidelity.

American Funds Growth Fund of America was the top selling portfolio in July, with net inflows of one and a half billion dollars.   The PIMCO Total Return Fund came in second with monthly net inflows of $1.3 billion.  

Lord Abett once again fared the worst of the funds listed with $267 million in net inflows for the month.