Is Your Dog Your Soul Mate?

According to the “Natural Balance Canine Personality Study,” a survey of 1,015 U.S. dog parents conducted by Natural Balance Pet Foods in conjunction with Learndipity Data Insights, two-thirds (66%) of extroverted people have extroverted dogs.

And, there’s a 65% chance an introverted person will have an introverted dog. The survey suggests people tend to choose dogs that act like them.

The survey found that if a dog parent is a picky eater, it is three times more likely their dog is one as well. In addition, among those that identified themselves as lifelong learners, there was a 72% change their dog was good at learning new tricks.

People have a strong emotional connection to their dogs as well. According to 79% of dog parents, their dogs consciously and actively attempt to comfort them. Fifty-five percent report that their pet looks at them with loving eyes that communicate deep emotion, and 52% say their dog is able to accurately sense when they are sad.

In addition, 90% of dog parents surveyed believe their dog is worried about them if they are hurt or late coming home. Seventy-nine percent say dogs can feel embarrassment, while 93% are certain they’ve seen their pet smile.

Natural Balance has launched a new ‘Natural Characters’ website showcasing the unique personalities of dogs and cats across the U.S.  Pet parents can upload their own furry characters there, too.