April 2002

Sidebar: Where’s It Gonna Come From?

About 13% of all workers expect Social Security to represent their largest source of income in retirement, according to the EBRI 2002 Retirement Confidence Survey. About 16% of the boomer segment (ages 40 to 59 in the study), said they expect to rely on Social Security compared with 7% of younger workers, aged between 20 and 39.

Sidebar: Employer Stock Plays Big Role In Combo Plans

The collapse of Enron Corp. has made company stock a suddenly controversial investment option in 401(k) plans. Enron is not the only employer with lots of company stock in its retirement plan, though.

Combo Plans

DB-DC plans do a better DC job than DC-only counterparts

Boomer Bonding

Some boomer Web sites worth checking out.

ERISA 2.0?

Is ERISA due for an overhaul?

Sidebar: Health-Care Legislation Takes A Back Seat

Despite determined behind-the-scenes negotiations between the Bush Administration and Senate Democrats at the start of this year, Beltway insiders say the Patient's Bill of Rights has little chance of passing Congress and getting signed into law in 2002. Moviegoers may have been absorbed by the recent Denzel Washington film John Q and its scathing if exaggerated attack on the health-insurance industry, but Washington's attention has been on other matters, principally the Enron meltdown and its implication for the security of working Americans' retirement savings plans.

Legislating Prudence

Will Washington do aging boomers any good or obscure problems?

Know Your Enemy

An attorney on how to avoid becoming a target yourself

Baby Boomer Blues

A panel discussion about boomer expectations.