February 2000

Anne Steele

Home economics teacher, 70

Under The Table

Latest court cases charge Teamsters and NBA fund fiduciaries with taking kickbacks

Valdes’ Nine Lives

Will ethnic remarks made by the CalPERS trustee cost him his seat? It seems doubtful


The IRS has won a battle in its war on COLIs, but employers say the war is not over

Friend Or Foe?

AFL-CIO study rates the worker-friendliness of 37 funds

PERPetuating Savings

Fiserv's blueprint for assimilating 401(k) plans from companies it acquires

Laying Down The Law

PWBA's new chief assesses the role of the agency and the obligations of pension fund fiduciaries in months to come

Against The Grain

Taking over the acquired company's plan and administrator

Edging Ahead

Micro-size and start-up plans have long been treated like second-class citizens when it comes to 401(k) pricing and service. But the tables are beginning to turn.

Two Treats In One

High-tech convertibles are posting spectacular gains. Will sponsors bite?

No More Blackouts?

Changing recordkeepers--without taking participants out of the market

Active Case Management

Why even corporate pension funds need to take a second look at the Private Securities Litigation Reform ActKerry A Jung