February 2003

The Coelacanth Factor

Preparing for that special issue has sent me burrowing back into our archives...

Dividend Yield

Bush proposal impact unclear for plan sponsors

Balance Beam

New rules offer hope for cash balance proponents

War Stories

We all have them: those front-line experiences that are inevitable when one deals with the variety—and sensitivity—of issues associated with human beings and critical life events.

Then & Now

New research suggests many custody products and services are underutilized

There’s No Place Like Home

Despite soft markets and a weak employment picture, compensation levels for plan sponsor managers continue to show strength

Working 529

Starting a 529 college savings plan is not enough. Most employees need to know it exists and what it is. Then, they need help figuring it out

Smooth Moves

401(k) sponsors are turning to transition managers to lower costs and limit risks when they merge plans or move assets

Style Search

Two years of lackluster performance have not soured investors on international equities. However, some are looking to a broader range of styles to improve returns and optimize diversification

Certify Able

Recent 401(k) debacles help prompt the DoL to look at the need for more education

Crash and Burn

Why United Airlines' ESOP buyout failed


Managed-care companies' profits are exploding, but employers are finding ways to fight back

Planning Ahead

Workers nearing retirement need to ensure that their benefits and savings will tide them over

Republicans Rule-and Must Deliver

Congressional docket includes a Medicare drug benefit, post-Enron pension reform, and accelerated 401(k) contribution limits

Task Master

Sony outsources routine human resources tasks so its HR staff can focus on strategic goals—and cut costs

Small Plan, Big Issues

F. Scott Fitzgerald had it right: The rich are different from you and me—and big plans are different from smaller ones.

Robert Sellar

President & CEO, National Executive Service Corps, 61