January 2012

Small World

International investors set out for smaller markets

Risk Shifts

Boxed in by low interest rates and the PPA, pension risk transfer offers another alternative for DB sponsors

Long Standing?

David, et al. v. Alphin, et al. 3:07-cv-00011

Hedging Longevity

A (partial) solution to the retirement income dilemma

Trusted Advisers

Navigating a plan’s relationship with its investment consultant

Careful Endorsements

As a plan sponsor, you know that you must prudently select and monitor your plan’s investments and service providers. However, did you also know that you must be prudent when you endorse service providers or products related to your retirement plans? Probably not.

Tidbits – January 2012

Some quotes, survey statistics, and musings to use in employee communications, or just as a break in the grind.