July 1996

Incremental Changes

Senators introduce legislation to improve women's access to pensions.

Court Improvement, Plan Peril?

A bill to ease federal judges' workload would keep ERISA lawsuits in state courts, undermining uniform national administration, critics say.

Suprise Attack

Complaints about PBGC hiring practices prompt investigations

Putting on the Top Hat

More employers are offering non-qualified plans to employees than ever before. But as the plans grow, some problems-especially their lack of funding-have become more urgent.

Sound Advice?

Financial planners are wooing plan participants, sometimes with the help of employers themselves. But are they receiving good advice? And for the right price?

New Order

Massachusetts Prepares for PRIM/MASTERS merger

Ready for the Country

How a midwestern agricultural supplier struck a balance between education and advice for its 401(k) participants.

Too Tempting a Target

Editorial Comment: Public Pension Funds Are Too Tempting a Target

Triple Play

In three lawsuits, ex-Major League and Negro League baseball players are demanding pension benefits and royalties from the game.

Hedging Your Bets

Using puts and calls to minimize the risk of big company stock holdings

Linking Up

On-line services help pension pros get in touch and get information

Toward A New Paradigm For Managing Large Institutional Assets

Two schools of investment management, with sharply contrasting objectives, goals, and approaches, dominate the field today-traditional institutional management and non-traditional management (primarily hedge funds). But despite their past differences, we may be approaching a point where integration of the two schools is possible, creating a truly new paradigm for the management of large institutional asset pools.

Loan Provisions

Loan Provisions: Powerful, Flexible Advantages for 401(k) Plans