June 1996

Uncharted Territory

The new, flexible work force of the 1990s is about cost saving, organizational simplicity, and efficient use of resources. But it is not about clarity.

Global Investing

Is it still too complicated for DC plan participants?

A Big Year Abroad

A record market at home did not stop US investors from boosting their overseas equity investments last year. Their favorites: the emerging markets.

Performance Anxiety

Three years after their introduction, the AIMR standards have made it easier to judge money managers' historical performance numbers. But you still need some street smarts.

Creative Financing

Interest rate spike puts a crimp in pension obligation bond issuance

Safety First

Reducing workers' comp costs begins with a safer workplace. But private-sector employers have found other ways to monitor and control their disability payments.

Senator Pensions?

LENS founder Robert Monks is running for the Senate. Pension issues are high on his agenda.

Growing Pains

College tuition plans are expanding fast, but tax-status worries persist


An enhanced indexing strategy proposes to add value to large-cap portfolios

Compensation Shift

Owens Corning's new benefits package puts the emphasis on incentives

Cash Rich

How idle balances can impact mutual funds' asset allocation-and surprise plan participants.

Trouble Maker

In a new book, former Ameritech pension exec James Kujaca brings some harsh charges against his peers. But his reform proposals are getting lost in the controversy over his refusal to name names.

Injured on Duty

Workers' compensation funds are feeling the strain as employees report more difficult-to-treat injuries.Now private employers are showing hard-pressed public employers how to bring costs under control.