Foul Ball

Black ballplayers’ pensions

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Permanent Moratorium

Public pensions want Congress to exempt them permanently from ERISA nondiscrimination rules
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Sam Jethroe

Former professional baseball player, 75
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Mandate to Index Louisiana’s Funds

A Louisiana bill would mandate indexing of 10% of state retirement systems' stock portfolios. Some observers worry about the precedent this sets.
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From Hip-Hop to Human Rights

Social investment is again inspiring lawmakers to peruse public pension portfolios. New targets range from gangsta rap to repressive governments.
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New Rules for the Bean Counters

FASB wants to simplify pension footnotes. But it also wants preparers to supply more detail in some areas, to make them more useful to investors.
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Barbara Searls

Chief financial officer, Sealaska Corporation
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What Price Portability?

Converting traditional public pension plans to the defined contribution model is suddenly a hot issue. Labor and conservative legislators are squaring off, with many billions in pension assets...
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John Engler’s Christmas Rush

The Michigan governor pushed through a sweeping conversion to a defined contribution system in just one month. His success shows how public employee unions' opposition to conversions can...
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Style Fixation

Some providers are addressing concerns that their mutual funds do not follow a consistent style. But some plan sponsors, already fed up, are looking to funds-of-funds as the...
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Does Manager Tenure Matter?

More years at the helm of a mutual fund means better performance, says an academic study. Plan sponsors and consultants, too, tend to prefer the veterans.
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The Deal Is Getting Better

Price cuts by the biggest funds, and the impact of less costly index funds, are combining to drive down the price of investing through mutual funds.
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Millennium Meltdown

Pension plans and their vendors prepare for the coming D-Day for computer systems
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Private Equity Dust-Up

A new study by plan sponsors, critical of fees and controls, raises fund managers' hackles
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Cost Cutters

How competitive pressures on providers, and plan reengineering, can help sponsors to negotiate lower fees
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Eye on the Horizon

The recipe for success in corporate governance in the 21st century's global markets