March 1995

Robert Bunnell

63, Retired superintendent, Norwell, Massachusetts Public Schools

GATT’s Price Tag For Pensions

Last fall's GATT bill restricts savings through defined contribution plans and tightens funding requirements for defined benefit plans.

True Confessions

The IRS extends its voluntary compliance resolution program, easng the path for plan sponsors to admit and resolve violations.

Hitting the Lifeboats

Local government investment pools like Orange County's are run in ways that would make a pension trustee blush. But the Orange County debacle is shining new light on this previously little-known fund category.

Suddenly, At Risk

Orange County employees' pension assets are in no danger from the bankruptcy filing. Not so their deferred comp savings, some of which were in Citron's commingled pool.

Fleeting Dreams

Corporate pension execs watched their compensation slip in 1994, due partly to increased outsourcing of investment management functions. Public fund officials saw gains-but these were modest.

Better Times Up North

Salaries rose last year for pension heads at Canadian companies and at US companies with Canadian pension funds.

ERISA goes to court

Non-union contractors and minority workers' advocates are successfully using ERISA to challenge state prevailing wage laws and union control of apprenticeship programs.

Catching On

Index funds catch on as a low cost, easy-to-understand investment option

SunGard’s Expediter

A 401(k) alliance that supports daily valuation and transaction processing