November 1998

Vendor Technology: Fair To Middling

Our readers have spoken, and their message is loud and clear: Defined contribution vendors are not delivering adequate technology to their plan sponsor clientele.

SEC Soft Dollar Report: Too Mild?

SEC wants managers to be able to document their spending, and has urged its market regulation unit to consider new rules. But some critics are calling for a firmer hand

LTCM: One bad apple?

Why many institutional investors were unbruised by the hedge fund brouhaha

Public Fund Salaries Remain Skimpy

Pay levels are inching up, but most government salaries make it tough to hire top investment people for internally-run funds

Do It By The Book

CALPERS' broad resolutions against pay-to-play were struck down by a superior court judge who ruled that the pensions giant did not go through proper channels

Thanks But No Thanks

A group of public pension funds opposes mandatory Social Security coverage of state and local government employees

Taking An Active Role

An overweighting of large cap superstars in equity indexes has soured some on passive investing. Will more funds follow?

The Manager Switch

Liquidating a portfolio is always a headache, but planning ahead can help

When HMOs Skip Out

Employer premiums are expected to rise as managed Medicare HMOs quit insuring retirees in rural areas and other parts of the US

Not Just For Traders Anymore

Plan sponsors require better technology and a more standardized methodology to help them thoughly embrace risk measurement and risk management

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