October 1997

Should He Stay or Should He Go?

CALPERS' investment committee chair plans to run again, despite questions about a string of personal debts and two bankruptcy filings

Big Fish in a Smaller Pond

Fidelity's decision to shut the doors of its giant Magellan fund may mean more stable cash flow for the fund, but plan sponsors predict few changes

Many Funds, Few Assets

Why plan participants are still not joining the rush to international investments

Size Matters

Are your small-cap options hiding too many blue chips? Here is how to cope with small-cap style drift

Risky Business

A new survey compares pension sponsors' risk management practices and evaluates the effectiveness of money managers' risk guidelines and policies

Portfolio Management

How implementing a new system gave Colorado PERA better control of investment, accounting

A Smaller Dance Card

Some money managers are cutting costs by cutting back their brokerage relationships

Cutting the Handcuffs

TIAA-CREF's new taxable status will lower payouts, but free it to expand into some new markets

Whose Surplus Is It, Anyway?

A pivotal case in the British courts will decide whether UK employers can claw back surpluses from their overfunded pension plans

Conflict of Interest

The DoL cites BankBoston for having guaranteed its 401(k) account to a provider

Tom Downing

Retired quality engineer, Armstrong Rubber Company, 73

Does History Matter?

Educational software packages for defined contribution plans are built on historically based assumptions about risk and return. If these assumptions are optimistic, individuals will find themselves with less than they expect at retirement.

The Risk Factor

Standard deviation and volatility show how bad it can be when markets roil. Some experts are reassessing the risks they pose.

China Trade

The latest attractions for western investors in this explosive market are US-style housing developments

Oregon’s 457 Solution

How one state redesigned its plan to improve participation and, eventually, reduce costs

Part-Time Workers

After UPS strike, employers can expect more pressure for better wages, retirement and health benefits