John Hancock Survey Backs its Lifestyle Offerings

September 19, 2005 ( - A survey of John Hancock's K plan participants found that those who put money into one of the investment company's lifestyle funds outperformed those who made individual investment selections by themselves.

According to the survey conducted by Burgess + Associates for John Hancock, participants in a company Lifestyle fund enjoyed investment returns that were approximately 3.15% to 4.24% above those who chose to go it on their own, a John Hancock news release said.

More than 91% of participants who picked their own individual funds would have experienced better performance if they had invested their money in a single John Hancock Lifestyle Fund. On average, the ending balances of non-lifestyle participants would have been 17.46% higher at the end of the period if they had contributed to a John Hancock Lifestyle Fund, according to the survey.

The study included 120,048 John Hancock 401(k) plan participants divided into various Lifestyle and Non-Lifestyle groups based on the investment risk inherent of the allocation strategies they selected.

John Hancock has more than $24 billion in Lifestyle Fund assets under management in its variable annuity, variable life and 401(k) products, as of June 30, 2005.