JP Morgan Beefs Up Custody, Sec Lending Reporting System

September 6, 2005 ( - JPMorgan Worldwide Securities Services launched its enhanced VIEWS Portfolio Reporting technology for institutional investors to report custody, accounting and securities lending activities.

A JPMorgan news release said the new offering gives executives, accounting and operations staff at banks, money management firms, mutual funds, insurance companies and pension funds a flexible set of reporting, research and analytical tools.

According to the news release the technology enables clients to integrate and access data across multiple disciplines including custody, accounting, securities lending, and compliance. VIEWS also provides a link to performance measurement.   Users can access a database with information across all of their holdings, trades, transactions activity, corporate actions and loans.   Supporting this client-specific information is a full history of more than 4 million issues and multiple public indices.   In addition, the system supports the creation of client-customizable investment ledger and cash forecasting reporting, the news release said.

The new offering also includes a Report Wizard, which enables clients to customize reports using the field selection, filter, sort and output format capabilities, according to the announcement. Clients will have greater access to data and a much more flexible report-writing capability, being able to choose and order data elements within reports. The system also offers a Report Scheduler that enables clients to run reports as frequently and regularly as desired.

The enhanced system also gives clients the ability to make long-range cash forecasts over an unlimited timeline.   The system has mathematical estimates of future payment streams on asset and mortgage-backed securities.   In addition, clients can develop their own “chart of accounts” and investment ledger, so they can create on-demand interfaces to a local general ledger, the news release said.

JPMorgan VIEWS is available via the JPMorgan ACCESS portal.

More information about the company is at .