JPMorgan Introduces 'Best Plan in America' Standard

April 3, 2006 ( - JPMorgan Retirement Plan Services has announced the launch of its new service philosophy for plan sponsors, Best Plan in America.

Best Plan in America is meant to guide plan sponsors toward creating the most effective 401(k) retirement plans for their participants and aid them in achieving the ultimate in plan management, the announcement said.  The standard contains a set of 30 plus ‘best in class’ features that will determine a plan’s success for its participants.

JPMorgan relationship managers will begin using the portal to consult with clients starting April 5.

“With Best Plan in America, we are about to launch what we believe will become the industry-leading management framework to help companies achieve plan design success for their participants,” said Thomas Kmak, CEO of JPMorgan Retirement Plan Services, in the announcement.

Kmak said the success of Best Plan in America will be determined by measuring participants’ progress in reaching retirement goals.

More information can be found  here .