JPMorgan Puts Out Two Analytics Offerings

April 11, 2007 ( - JPMorgan Worldwide Securities Services has released an investment manager scoring tool and a new system to explore different risk levels resulting from asset allocation or manager changes, according to the company.

A JPMorgan news release said the two offerings are designed to help asset managers and pension and endowment fund executives achieve greater risk-adjusted returns.

According to the announcement, the two offerings include:

  • Consistency Analysis, an investment manager scoring product for all asset classes. Managers are ranked based upon consistency of risk-adjusted performance.
  • Marginal Risk Analysis, a product that enables investors to explore different levels of risk and return. Clients will be able to use it to make incremental improvements to their portfolios in the attempt to increase returns and decrease risk.  

“Institutional investors are always looking for new ways to generate additional returns,” said Craig Heatter, head of JPMorgan’s Investment Analytics & Consulting (IAC), in the news release. “These new tools will help them optimize their investments by building in more consistency and testing new levels of risk. JPMorgan’s forward-looking analytical tools should assist clients in maximizing their alpha-producing strategies, as well as understand historical and future risk and return opportunities.”

JPMorgan IAC provides services globally to more than 200 clients with 6,500 portfolios and $1.5 trillion in assets. For more information go to .