Labor Cost Reduction Top Concern for US and Canadian Business

September 19, 2006 ( - Labor cost reduction is the primary workforce management concern for US and Canadian businesses, according to recent surveys by CyberShift, a provider of workforce and expense management software.

According to a company press release, more than 25% of survey respondents in each market cited labor cost reduction as their primary immediate workforce management concern. Increasing customer satisfaction and improving employee productivity followed as other top areas of focus.

To help meet those goals, both markets ranked time and attendance management as their top workforce management priority in the next 12 months, according to the press release. Employee and/or manager self-service ranked as the next highest priority.

Following those priorities, US and Canadian businesses differed in their focus, with Canadian respondents citing workforce scheduling optimization, scheduling by union and pay rules and scheduling to manage costs as next highest rankings, respectively. US respondents cited scheduling to manage costs, followed closely by optimizing workforce schedules, as next highest priorities.

One notable expense management trend the survey found is that 40% of the respondents in organizations with more than 5,000 employees indicated that they are processing expense reports manually – a situation CyberShift said can be very costly.

“Automation is one of the essential keys to fully maximizing workforce deployment and gaining control of employee expenses. When relying on manual processes, organizations cannot make real-time business critical connections, such as diverting labor resources to meet fluctuating client needs, which can have a profound impact on the bottom line,” said Robert Farina, CyberShift’s CEO, in the news release.

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