Largest Employment Discrimination Case to Continue, Rules Supreme Court

October 6, 2003 ( - A lawsuit brought by approximately 2,600 current and former black managers against Sodexho Marriot Services can continue, the Supreme Court ruled today.

>The workers said that Sodexho, a food service company, broke civil rights laws.   They want the promotion procedures at the company to be revised, and they are not asking for specified damages, according to an Associated Press report.

>With almost $1 billion dollars at stake, the company said this is the largest employment discrimination case of its kind.   Further, Sodexho has maintained that there has been no evidence of discrimination found.

>The case had appeared before the Supreme Court with the hope that it would be used as an example, showing when judges ought to block large class action lawsuits from continuing.   However, the justices declined, without comment, according to the Associated Press.

-Alison Cooke