Lincoln Financial Group Introduces LVIP Protected Profile Funds

October 13, 2011 ( - Lincoln Financial Group announced the introduction of the LVIP Protected Profile Funds, a target-date fund-of-funds investment option available through its micro-to-small market retirement plan solution. 

The Protected Profile Funds offers investors access to both capital protection and volatility management within a target-date fund. Advantages include a simplified process to help investors achieve a diversified portfolio and exposure to a wide variety of asset classes, regions, and investments styles.

The new funds are made up of a mix of asset classes, managed by multiple managers, designed to accommodate changing market conditions and help investors meet their investment objectives throughout retirement, according to the announcement.

The Protected Profile Funds seek to reduce volatility risk by targeting a specific level of variability of returns based on each fund’s respective target date.  While the results are not guaranteed, the fund seeks to manage this and other risks by employing a protection strategy designed to respond to changing market conditions and periodically rebalance and adjust their overall asset allocation to reflect the level of risk in the market. 

The investment lineup with the Lincoln micro-to-small market retirement program offers a range of investment options, providing plan participants with an opportunity to choose from over 90 investment options from 17 fund families. The program also offers a range of distribution options, including Lincoln’s patented i4LIFE Advantage solution.