MainStay Unveils Allocation Funds

April 4, 2005 ( - MainStay Investments has launched four MainStay Asset Allocation Funds.

A MainStay news release said that the fund-of-funds feature risk-based portfolio allocations and employ an institutional investment approach based on the principles of asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing.

MainStay Asset Allocation Funds are managed according to a process that factors in expected return, risk characteristics and correlations among the individual component funds, according to the company. Each fund follows pre-established allocation parameters, which correspond to different risk/reward categories, enabling investors to select the portfolio that most closely meets their financial goals and risk tolerance.

Among the 12 funds included in the allocations are

  • MainStay Large Cap Growth Fund
  • MainStay All Cap Growth Fund
  • MainStay Common Stock Fund
  • MainStay Map Fund
  • MainStay Small Cap Opportunity Fund
  • MainStay Small Cap Value Fund
  • MainStay Value Fund
  • MainStay International Equity Fund
  • MainStay Floating Rate Fund
  • MainStay High Yield Corporate Bond Fund
  • MainStay Intermediate Term Bond Fund
  • MainStay Indexed Bond Fund.

“The MainStay Asset Allocation Funds were designed in response to the growing need for a complete investment solution among financial advisors and consumers – especially consumers with small- to mid-size investment portfolios,” said Chris Blunt, president of MainStay Investments, in the announcement. “The funds use the three core components of institutional investing – asset allocation, diversification and portfolio rebalancing – as essential elements of their investment strategy. Individually, these core components can be extremely valuable tools. Collectively, they position a portfolio for potential long-term investment success. And, that’s what investors are ultimately after.”

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