Managed Health Networks Launches EAP Calculator

January 10, 2005 ( - Managed Health Networks has announced the launch of an "EAP Calculator" to measure return on investment of effective EAP programs.

The company, a provider of managed behavioral health care and employee assistance programs (EAPs), said in a press release that the calculator combines two sets of empirical data to obtain cost figures.

The calculator is based on a recent study – done by George Hargrave and Deidre Hiatt – that examines the treatment outcome data on more than 10,000 employees with depression. The goal of the calculator is to find out the likely return on investment associated with effective treatment through EAPs, according to the release.

Depression was chosen as the target disorder because it is the most common mental health problem in the workplace, according to the release.

Managed Health Networks is a provider of managed behavioral health care and EAPs, with nearly 10 million members.