Managers Can Be Unprofessional at Office Holiday Parties

Office managers have sometimes shown poor etiquette at office holiday parties, a survey by Robert Half of 2,200 chief financial officers (CFOs) finds.

Survey respondents noted managers have sat in a corner without interacting with anyone, left within 10 minutes, failed to show up, discussed confidential company information and talked negatively about coworkers.

However, these weren’t the only ways managers acted unprofessionally.

CFOs were asked about the most embarrassing thing they have seen or heard about a manager doing at a company holiday party. They reported bosses have:

  • Turned a dance contest into a brawl;
  • Opened someone else’s gift;
  • Thrown food;
  • Slept under a table;
  • Tried walking across a swimming pool and—not surprisingly—fell into it;
  • Used obscene language;
  • Taken inappropriate pictures in a photo booth;
  • Broken an ankle while break dancing;
  • Fought with a boss;
  • Screamed like a werewolf; and
  • Announced a resignation.
Robert Half offers a slideshow revealing 25 embarrassing manager moments.