Manulife Offers New Tools to Canadian Advisors

January 28, 2004 ( - Independent advisors in Canada have a new tool, courtesy of Manulife Investments, to aid them in managing their clients' assets and establish investment strategies.

Manulife Portfolio Select is designed to help advisors recommend appropriate asset allocation portfolios for their clients. This service helps advisors assess clients’ investment objectives and risk tolerances, then select portfolios tailored to the client’s unique needs, according to a news release.

One component of this system allowsadvisors to create an Investment Policy Statement for each of their clients. The Investment Policy Statement fully documents the investment strategy agreed upon between the client and advisor, while also helping to provide a base to review future investment performance.

Other features include:

  • an online questionnaire to document clientgoalsand risk tolerance
  • selection of Manulife Asset Allocation Portfolios suited for registered and non-registered accounts
  • a process to select mutual or segregated funds
  • fund manager monitoring.