Many Women Not Health Coverage Experts

September 22, 2004 ( - While women responding to a recent survey admitted that their health insurance coverage is important, many apparently don't translate that judgment into the amount of hours they spend on that topic.

A national survey by Ipsos Public Affairs found that more than six in 10 women recognized the importance of health coverage to their overall financial well being, but 51% devoted more hours to buying a car and 43% on researching vacations than on learning about health insurance. More than one-third (35%) admit they aren’t exactly experts on the ins and outs of health coverage, the poll found.

Although most women (65%) consider themselves knowledgeable about their health insurance plans, significant numbers do not know even basic information regarding health coverage. For example (33%) were not familiar with basic benefits terms like coinsurance. More than half of women (54%) said they have some difficulty choosing a health plan.


  • Fifty percent of women with employer-sponsored health plans do not know how much the employer contributes to the plan each month.
  • Forty-three percent of women believe a visit to the primary care physician costs less than $50, when in fact the average office visit costs $80
  • 19% of women have a budgeted amount of money set aside for annual health care costs.
  • More than a quarter of women (27%) said they would choose another health plan today if they had the opportunity.

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