Many Women Prefer Online Communications

June 11, 2001 ( - Most women in the workplace believe that online communication beats the face-to-face variety in that ideas are more likely to be heard and responded to, according to a survey.

The survey of 675 businesswomen, administered by Compaq Computer Corporation was developed to assess the impact on women’s careers of the use of Internet-based information technology, specifically e-mail and online collaboration tools.

The survey found that, in comparison to face-to-face communication:

  • almost two thirds of the sample thought that using online communication meant ideas are more likely to be heard
  • some 66% said that their colleagues are more responsive online communication
  • a little over two-thirds said online communication made it easier to express their thoughts
  • online communication afford 60% of the sample a meaningful place in decision-making
  • some 57% felt their gender matters less when they use e-mail or online communication tools.

Tools of the Trade

With regards to online tools:

  • almost 85% agreed strongly or somewhat strongly that they are more productive using e-mail and online collaboration tools
  • three-quarters said that they work more efficiently
  • just over 60% say online communication improves their workplace creativity
  • some 40% say it gives them less time for creativity
  • almost 70% say online workplace communication enables them to achieve work-life balance
  • while 58% say that because of these tools, they spend more time at work
  • a little over 60% feel they make life less stressful
  • while 47% expressed the opposite.