MarketWatch Picks Up PlanAnalytics Advisor Tools

April 14, 2004 ( -, Inc., a business news publisher, has acquired PlanAnalytics for its technology, products and client base.

The PlanAnalytics products consist of Web-based tools for financial advisors to review and compare 401(k) and 529 plans, MarketWatch said.MarketWatch operates the and Web sites.

According to the announcement, the PlanAnalytics comparison tools are used by more than 20,000 registered advisors on the and  Web sites.

The Search401k tool allows financial advisors to search available 401(k) plans that can be sold to companies looking to launch a plan for their employees, or to change plan providers. The Search529 product allows users to compare 529 plans from all 50 states and to download sales and enrollment materials. The addition of both products expands MarketWatch’s portfolio of Web-based investment research and planning tools, the company said.