MASIX Global Benefits Reveals New Risk Solution

A new solution from MAXIS Global Benefits Network promises to help multinational organizations pursue competitive rates and better predictability around benefits costs. 

MAXIS Global Benefits Network has launched the MAXIS Global Risk Solution, a global program management solution offering multinationals competitive rates and greater predictability across their employee benefits budget.

“The solution is a single-employer, non-profit-sharing arrangement for centralized multinational companies with large global footprints, looking for better terms and conditions by insuring their local workforce as part of a larger worldwide employee population,” the firm explains.

Key advantages of the MAXIS Global Risk Solution include the ability for multinational employers to “leverage their true size to gain economies of acquisition and secure favorable policy terms and conditions.” Other benefits include greater predictability across a company’s global employee benefits budget; an international financial view of employee benefits programs; and “a dedicated reinsurance underwriting team, focused on providing competitive and stable long-term pricing solutions.”

Andrew Stocker, MAXIS Global Business Network’s head of business development, adds that increasingly complicated regulations and pressure to better manage and anticipate benefit spending are driving employers to explore new ways to optimize their worldwide employee benefits arrangements.

According to MAXIS, Eligible coverages include group death benefits for any cause, payable as a lump sum or as an annuity, including customary riders such as accidental death and dismemberment; survivor income benefits; group disability benefits; and medical coverage.

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