Massachusetts Company Updates HR Technology Platform

February 3, 2003 ( - HR executives may be able to benefit from the latest version of IE-Engine's human resources platform.

IE-Engine’s technology manages the data, process and costs associated with health care, employee benefits and HR services, the Waltham, Massachusetts company said. The software can help firms better manage HR data and lower costs.

According to the company, IE-Engine’s product includes:

  • the Plan Master Workbench, a secure knowledge base that contains all of the information regarding a  company’s employee benefit plans, including health care, dental, vision, pension, 401(k), relocation and other HR services
  • the Performance Manager, which monitors vendor performance against historical and contractual benchmarks and service-level agreements (SLAs.)
  • the Cost Manager module, which reviews claims data by business units and vendor. It associates employee demographics with plan types and costs, reviews participant data and can isolate high cost by condition, diagnosis and treatments.
  • IE-Engine’s Survey Manager, which enables the HR department to canvass HR managers and employees across the organization to measure the impact of potential changes to a benefits plan as well as vendor performance.