McCamish Enhances Non-Qualified Plan Portals

September 25, 2001( - McCamish Systems has enhanced its NQBenefits for participants and BPAOnline for administrators and plan sponsors, for the non-qualified benefit plan market.

Through its plan sponsor site, BPAOnline, McCamish Systems now allows plan sponsors and administrators to request, view and print all plan related reports online.

In addition, BPAOnline now provides access to plan specific forms and capability for security-cleared designees of the plan sponsor to view and transact business on behalf of participants.


Enhancements to NQBenefits participant site include:

  • an internal rate of return calculator for expected deferral growth,
  • current information on accrued income-to-date for money market and bond funds, and
  • plan specific designated forms that can be downloaded or completed online

In addition, McCamish customers can look forward to a significant number of new Internet capabilities over the next year, including online participant enrollment in the fall of 2001.

Visit the sites at and