Media Sees Hedge Fund Managers as Smarter

July 5, 2005 ( - One hundred percent of journalists recently surveyed by Walek & Associates think hedge fund managers are smarter about the markets than mutual fund managers.

Thomas Walek, president of the company, feels this is good PR for hedge fund managers, but the results concerning fees and growth of the industry weren’t so positive, according to a news release from the company.   The results of the survey also showed that 68% of respondents believe the hedge fund industry is growing too fast (up from 32% in 2002), and 41% believe hedge fund expenses are too high.  

Fifty two percent believe hedge funds make stock market volatility more extreme,    but the general fear of a “blow up” of the hedge fund industry has decreased, and most (61%) respondents felt Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations scheduled to go into effect in 2006 will protect investors in hedge funds.

The company prefaced the results by pointing out, “…professional journalists report on and influence the global financial markets every day.”   The survey results showed an annualized figure of more than 200,000 articles regarding hedge funds in 2005.

The survey was conducted via telephone interviews of 30 financial journalists from a range of news media serving the gamut of investors.  

Walek & Associates is a public relations agency serving financial, corporate and technology clients in the US andinternationally with offices and affiliates in New York, Chicago andLondon

Results of the survey can be found  here .

-Rebecca Moore