Men Slightly More Confident About Retirement

June 3, 2014 ( – Confidence about retirement preparations is greater with men (43%) than women (32%), a survey reveals.

OneAmerica finds a realistic knowledge of how much retirement income they will need contributes to individuals’ confidence. Confident retirement plan participants are more likely to have calculated their retirement income needs (55%) or worked with a financial adviser (35%).

Only 38% of respondents to the survey feel confident or very confident about maintaining their current lifestyles into retirement. More specifically, those ages 51 and older have 13% more confidence than their younger counterparts. In addition, those with annual incomes of more than $75,000 are 16% more confident than those who make less.

According to the survey, the top reasons people lack confidence in their retirement preparations include not having enough money accumulated (73%), economic uncertainty (59%), rising health care costs (47%) and insecurity about Social Security benefits (45%).

“There are steps people can take, in addition to participating in their employer’s plan, to feel in control and at ease about retirement,” says Marsha Whitehead, vice president of marketing for retirement services and employee benefits for OneAmerica, based in Indianapolis. “Working with a financial professional, using an income calculator and other steps can boost an individual’s confidence and keep them actively engaged in their retirement planning.”

The companies of OneAmerica surveyed 7,545 retirement plan participants who visited their online account services portal between August 1 and November 1, 2013.

An infographic containing more information about the survey results can be found here.