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More Employers Focusing on Lifetime Income

However, most are offering systematic withdrawals, lifetime education and planning tools, and in-plan managed account services; they are still leery of offering guaranteed income solutions such as annuities.

Stopping a Retirement Crisis

Currently, America has a retirement plan coverage gap, a retirement savings gap and a guaranteed income gap, which plan sponsors and lawmakers need to address to avoid a retirement crisis.

IRI Promotes Need for Guaranteed Income for Retirement

According to the Insured Retirement Institute, systematic withdrawal strategies, whether a simple “x%” rule or based on a more sophisticated stochastic analysis of the probability that assets will not be depleted at various withdrawal rates, have two significant drawbacks.

Council Makes Recommendations for Including Lifetime Income Options in QDIAs

The ERISA Advisory Council’s recommendations to the Department of Labor (DOL) include publishing guidance confirming that a named plan fiduciary may appoint a 3(38) investment manager to select and monitor annuity and other lifetime income providers, as well as modifying qualified default investment alternative (QDIA) regulations.

Annuities Are for Savers and Spenders

In his experience leading Principal’s retirement income solutions business, Sri Reddy says, the No. 1 thing people get wrong about annuities is to say that purchasers of such products are investors.