Mercer Launches Health Care Educational Tools

May 7, 2013 ( – Mercer has launched educational tools to help both employers and employees navigate the new health care system.

The “Health Care Reform Made Simple” and “Health Care Decoder” resources address the increasing expectation from employees that their employers can provide “just in time” information about health care benefits via technology platforms they use to access information as part of their daily lives.  

Health Care Decoder offers employees a range of educational and interactive resources about health care reform, insurance benefits and wellness, while Health Care Reform Made Simple focuses on reform and public exchanges, exploring their impact in greater detail and specificity. Both tools are mobile-friendly online resources that employers can offer their U.S.-based employees via their benefits website or corporate intranets. To view a short video about Health Care Decoder, visit  

Health Care Reform Made Simple is a website that will be refreshed periodically with the latest health care reform information. The site was designed to meet the needs of employees who have coverage through their employer, and will deliver information, advice and answers about what health care reform is and how it affects them. The site will also link to other information resources in the future, including state exchanges.To view a short video about Health Care Reform Made Simple, visit  

Health Care Decoder serves as a gateway to help employees understand and make better spending decisions related to health care reform, general health, health insurance and wellness. The site offers an engaging way to “decode” unfamiliar health care jargon and terminology, a quiz on health care reform and its impact on an individual, wellness tips and calculators, money saving strategies and content from Mayo Clinic about a variety of health-related topics, including wellness and disease management.    

“Health Care Decoder and Health Care Reform Made Simple are complementary tools that can meet virtually any employer’s needs when it comes to educating employees and demystifying health care,” said Jackie Cuthbert, principal in the Communication practice of Mercer’s Talent business.