Mercer Launches Retirement Education Program

October 30, 2006 ( - Mercer HR Services has announced it will launch in November a retirement education program designed to help users reach their retirement goals.

According to a news release, the “Stress Less Retirement Program” is an integrated print and online program. The program includes a month-long educational campaign with daily suggestions for setting retirement savings goals, finding money to save, and measuring progress toward those goals.

The program will be available to participants in 401(k) plans administered by Mercer HR Services, and will be available to the general public at .

Mercer said in the news release that its decision to launch the program was based on the results of its Workplace Survey, which found that employees are uncertain if they will be able to meet their retirement financial goals and have decreased their expectations for quality of life in retirement (See  Current Obligations Competition for Retirement Savings ).