Mercer Website Addresses Employer Concerns

July 2, 2012 ( – Mercer launched a website featuring resources about pension risk, benefit choices and talent management.

“Inside Employers’ Minds: Confronting Critical Workforce Challenges” will allow employers to better manage risks related to growing pension liabilities and the potential impact on corporate financial performance, enable employees to make better choices as they take greater accountability for retirement and health benefit decisions, and find new ways to build agile, world-class workforces that are ready and able to respond to evolving business needs and new opportunities.

The site will include video interviews with Mercer thought leaders, professors and business experts, including New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. It will also include point-of-view papers, research and articles.

“The resources and tools we have developed will not only give employers a better understanding of these issues, but also will provide insights into how to address and capitalize on related opportunities,” said Julio Portalatin, president and chief executive officer, Mercer.

The website is here.